Shutter Stream Image Capture & Processing Software for Food Photography

Shutter Stream Food Photography Software is the perfect application for Businesses and Professionals who photograph food. Shutter Stream combines a Camera Capture Program with a backend Image Editing and Processing Software into a single program that allows users regardless of experience to Capture, Edit and Process high quality Food photography in seconds. Businesses and Professionals are currently spending too much time and money capturing images in house. Outsourcing is often not a good alternative for Businesses as it can become very costly and in addition, businesses lose control of how they wish to capture and display their food images. Whether images are required for marketing purposes (web/eCommerce and Menus) or for internal applications which can include Quality Control, Shutter Stream Photography Software is a sure way to save time and effort while enabling anyone on staff to create high quality results.  How it Works – Shutter Stream for Food Photography

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Shutter Stream provides the ability to efficiently capture and process high quality images in-house while allowing Businesses to shoot at their own discretion and work on their own schedule in order to meet deadlines. Below discusses Shutter Stream’s image capture, processing and editing features that optimize workflow efficiencies and ease of use in the Food industry.

Shutter Stream Image Capture Tools for Food Photography

Capturing the image is the most important step in Food Photography. Users want to ensure that a high quality and color accurate result is achieved as to minimize or completely eliminate the need for image editing. Shutter Stream redefines the Image Capture workflow and eliminates tedious, time consuming steps common to picture taking by allowing users to Compose and Capture images using a mouse (compatible camera is connected via USB to computer). There is no longer a requirement to capture images to an SD card as images are instantly uploaded to the computer in seconds after Capture for proofing and editing in the Shutter Stream Food Photography Software Program. Image Capture tools are as follows:

Image Capture Tool

Live View

Users click the Live View button in the program and this will stream what the camera sees as a real time preview on the monitor screen. In the Live View area, users can adjust camera settings (Aperture, Shutter Speed, White Balance, Sensitization, Flash) in order to optimize the exposure for the lighting. As changes are made to the exposure, Shutter Stream will simulate the preview on the monitor to reflect the image as it will be output when captured. By being able to adjust camera settings and simulate exposure, users view image quality prior to capture. Camera settings can be saved as a custom profile to ensure for consistent shooting every time.

Image Capture Tool


Instead of having to capture an image, upload to the computer, import into a 3rd party editing software and crop the image, Shutter Stream allows users to pre-crop the product prior to even capturing the image. Cropping is done while in the Live View mode and if required, can be defined to a specific crop ration (ex. 800 x 400 pixels).

Image Capture Tool

Image Overlay

Consistent shooting angles can be very important in Food photography. Whether a business requires a single image or multiple views, Shutter Stream’s Image Overlay feature is a great tool to ensure consistent results can be achieved every time. Image Overlay works simply by selecting the overlay the user wishes to mimic from the overlay save list (user will create default overlays in the program). This will overlay a transparent image of a previously shot item over the real time preview. This will allow users to line up the food item and camera to shoot accordingly prior to capture. Multiple Image Overlay’s can be saved in the program.

Image Capture Tool


Users are able to capture Food Photography by mouse clicking the Capture button. The captured image is exactly how it looked in the real time preview (unless shooting with Strobes)then  instantly uploaded to the Shutter Stream Photography Software in seconds for Viewing, Editing (if required) and Outputting. Images can be captured in JPG and/or RAW format.

Shutter Stream Editing and Processing Tools for Food Photography

Image editing and processing is often a very time consuming step however this no longer is the case with the dynamic, user friendly tools included in Shutter Stream. Included in the Shutter Stream Photography Suite is a variety of single and batch Image Editing and Processing Tools that are perfect for any Food Photography application. These tools include:

Image Processing Tool

Image Editing

Shutter Stream includes a powerful and user friendly image editing suite that allows users to make adjustments to JPG images either in a batch process or to single images.

Image Editing Tools include: Levels, Curves, Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, Sharpness, Hue, Crop, Rotate, Add Canvas, Image Resizing (pixels), Renaming, Resolution (DPI), and Watermarking.

Users are able to create and save a custom Image Editing Profile that can be automatically applied to a single or set of images when saving to further enhance efficiencies and ease of use. After images are edited they can be saved locally, to a network and/or transferred to an FTP site.

Image Processing Tool

Dynamic Image Saving

Images can be saved in a batch process to a specific directory locally or to a network. Users can also choose to FTP images in the Batch Image Saving tool. In addition, images can be batch re-sized and renamed at a specific resolution for web or print with one simple click.

Image Processing Tool


Captured images can instantly be annotated for business communication. Users have the ability to draw arrows, pointers or shapes and communicate by applying text to individual images. This is a great feature for the Food Industry – especially for Food Processors using Shutter Stream for Quality Control.

Image Processing Tool


After images are captured, they can be instantly attached to an outgoing email inside the program. This feature is great for efficient business communication especially when used with the image editing annotation feature.

Image Processing Tool

Image Transfer

Interested in simply capturing images and having them exported to a 3rd party application or directly to a folder or FTP? Direct Image Export is the tool for you. It instantly transfers images as they are captured to a desired location or program (such as Adobe Photoshop).

Image Processing Tool

Batch Image Saving

Images can be saved in a batch process to a specific directory locally or to a network. Users can also choose to FTP images in the Batch Image Saving tool. In addition, images can be batch re-sized and renamed at a specific resolution for web or print with one simple click.

Shutter Stream Food Photography Software

Shutter Stream Digital Photography Software is the fastest, easiest and most efficient photography solution available for Food Photography. By enabling your employees with Shutter Stream, you can count on saving thousands of dollars per year while creating high quality images.